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In the Internet context, multimedia refers to objects that are a mix of text, images, audio, video, animations, and other elements. This section is about time-based media: audio, movies, and interactive web-based applications, such as Flash. We are going to talk about these elements individually, as well as their combination into multimedia objects. Text/HTML, still Images, and PDFs are discussed separately at length in other chapters. You might also want to consult the general chapter on Downloads.

In writing these guidelines we are assuming a typical bandwidth of 20kbps, as discussed in the Introduction. While it is possible to deliver multimedia assets over low bandwidth, 20kbps is at the lower end of bandwidths through which this can be achieved, and the use of multimedia objects in designing websites for low bandwidth needs to be considered carefully.
Nevertheless, there are many good reasons for including multimedia objects, and we discuss what compromises are available. To give some sense of scale, the following table shows the time to download a 20 minute video, audio versions, and the script, over a connection that provides an effective bandwidth of 20kbps. This is assuming a continuous connection — in reality a lengthy download is unlikely to run to completion and may have to be resumed several times.

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